Offline Competitions – What are they and how can I win?

Offline competitions are competitions or contests that are run without the need to access the internet. The most popular channels of offline competitions are text-in, phone-in and postcard entries.

With so many people having access to the internet these days, it seems a bit “backwards” to run such competitions. However, many “compers” believe they have a bigger chance of grabbing a prize by entering offline.

Why? Because it takes more effort and sometimes more cost to make a phone call, text, or to buy a book of stamps and a book of postcards to enter than to type a name, email and hit enter. Chances are, promoters will receive a lot less entries by post or phone than online.

Where can I find offline competitions?

There are many ways to find offline competitions. Here are a few:

  • Local magazines and newspapers

  • Membership groups

  • Listening to radio stations


What types of offline competitions are there?

There are various types…

  • Postcard entry

  • Phone-in

  • Live competitions, for example radio phone-ins

  • Writing and short-story competitions

  • Crosswords

Why not give offline comping, you may just pick up a fantastic prize!

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