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Christmas in July: Win a Copy of Merrily Ever After!

Paper Christmas
Listed on 6th July 2024
Closes in 12 days 27th July 2024

Christmas in July: Win a Copy of Merrily Ever After!

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In the charming town of Derbyshire, Merry is about to experience the Christmas she’s always dreamed of. For years, she longed to share the holiday season with a loving family, and this year, her wish comes true. Merry is preparing to say ‘I do’ to Cole, a devoted father of two. As the wedding day draws near, she finds herself juggling the excitement of her new life, the pressures of her business, and the responsibilities that come with being a stepmother. Despite the joy of her upcoming nuptials, Merry is pushed to her limits, trying to balance the whirlwind of last-minute wedding preparations and the challenges of bonding with her future stepchildren.

Not far from Merry’s idyllic setting, Emily faces a difficult Christmas of her own. The New Year can’t come soon enough for her. She is overwhelmed by the increasing demands of caring for her father, Ray, whose dementia is progressively getting worse. Balancing her job and the emotional toll of her father’s illness leaves Emily feeling isolated and exhausted.

When Ray moves into a residential care home, Emily is left with a heavy heart and a sense of relief. However, a surprising discovery among Ray’s possessions—a mysterious photograph—offers a glimmer of hope and curiosity in her otherwise challenging life.

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!

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