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Free 24 Pack of Baby Wipes From Pura!

Listed on 27th June 2020
Closes in 94 days 31st December 2020

Free 24 Pack of Baby Wipes From Pura!

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Wipe before you buy! Pura will deliver your free trial pack completely free of charge, in a pack that fits straight through your letterbox.

Every day, 8 million disposable nappies are thrown away in the UK – each one taking up to 500 years to biodegrade. It’s a cycle that that needs to stop.

That’s why Pura are the only nappy brand to partner with NappiCycle, the complete nappy recycling service. Together, they’re working to keep nappies out of landfill and turn them into everything from housing materials, to notice boards for schools and nurseries.

Pura didn’t start in a board room. It was born in a house in Cheshire. It was born to challenge big companies and make eco affordable for all. And wow, is it growing up fast!

Most baby wipes are not as squeaky clean as they first appear. Pura asked parents what percentage of plastic was in their innocent-looking baby wipes. 48%? 60%? Haven’t got the foggiest? Most mums and dads were stunned to learn that 90% of wipes in the UK contain plastic.

How to claim this freebie

To claim your free pack of Pura wipes, simply visit the website below and fill in your details.