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Free Brochure From The Greenhouse People!

Robinsons Greenhouses
Listed on 1st May 2021
Closes in 1 days 30th September 2021

Free Brochure From The Greenhouse People!

Details of this

The Robinsons unique low-profile glazing method has been tried and tested now for well over 25 years. The fact that the capping is screwed in means that it is extremely strong and it is almost impossible for the glass to blow out.New for 2017: Our stunning new range of colours comes with aluminium capping system thats less prone to fading in the sun than PVC capping – Particularly on darker shades.

This new Robinsons Victorian range offers you a choice of greenhouses with a distinctive Victorian style. The addition of cast aluminium spandrels at both eaves and ridge strengthens the greenhouse considerably and the extra height created by the more traditional 45 degree pitch to the roof gives more air in the greenhouse as well as more room for specimen plants.

The 45 degree roof pitch is also said to be better for light transmission.

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