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Free Paper Pack!

Listed on 2nd May 2021
Closes in 97 days 30th April 2022

Free Paper Pack!

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Get a feel for our huge range of quality stocks with a free sample pack, tailored to your project. Meet’s papers in person by selecting your pack and getting to grips with highlights from our bestsellers, Wedding Print Boutique, Photography Collection, Foiling and Business Cards.

The history of digital print is relatively short compared to printing as a whole, which dates back to 1439, when German businessman Johannes Gutenberg created a press that started the mass production of books. The first digital printing presses came onto the market in the early 1990s.

Digital printing assembles each image from a complex set of numbers and mathematical formulas.

These images are captured from a matrix of dots, called pixels, and this process is called digitising. The digitised images are then used to control the deposition of ink, toner or exposure to electromagnetic energy to reproduce the data.

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To claim your free paper pack, simply visit the website below and fill in your details.