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Free Set of Viva Vegan Leaflets!

Viva Vegan
Listed on 13th June 2021
Closes in 130 days 31st January 2022

Free Set of Viva Vegan Leaflets!

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This 4 part collection of leaflets show how easy it is to go vegan and most importantly why! These newly designed leaflets effortlessly cover all four of the most asked topics in 12 fantastic pages.

Viva! was founded in 1994 by Juliet Gellatley, who is the organisation’s director.

“The most powerful action you can take to protect animals, the planet and your health is to stop eating meat, dairy and fish. Support us and help Viva! campaign for a kinder, wiser, better world.” Juliet Gellatley, Founder & Director of Viva!

Learn all about going vegan to save animals, protect your health and to look after our world whilst testing out some of our delicious and cruelty-free recipes!

How to claim this freebie

To claim your free vegan leaflets, simply visit the website below and fill in your details.