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Free Water Saving Devices!

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Listed on 17th April 2021
Closes in 222 days 31st December 2022

Free Water Saving Devices!

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Saving water isn’t only for times of drought; we cannot afford to waste this precious resource at any time.

To help you to save water, many water suppliers in the UK offer you freebies – bag-type water savers which you can put in your toilet cistern, meaning that you use less water every time you flush. The Hippo Water Saver is one of the most popular ones which is given away.

If you local water company does not offer one of these devices, it is possible to put a brick or large pebble in your cistern to acheive the same effect.

However you should always be careful that anything which you put in the cistern does not affect its working. Hippo Water savers can also be bought quite cheaply from Amazon.

How to claim this freebie

To claim your free water saving device, simply visit the website below and fill in your details.