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Win a 12-Week Supply of Symprove Food Supplement, Worth £158!

Beauty Bible
Listed on 29th April 2021
Closes in 14 days 26th May 2021

Win a 12-Week Supply of Symprove Food Supplement, Worth £158!

Details of this

Beauty Bible have three prizes of Symprove food supplement – powered by live and active bacteria – to give away this week…

A little story: in 2018 a neighbour in Sarah’s west country village came to her for advice. The neighbour – lets call her Sheila – was a frontline NHS worker and loved her job but wanted to support her already good diet with a food supplement. Sarah suggested trying a 12-week course of Symprove.

Sheila found it easy to take a daily dose of the water-based product, which contains four strains of live and active bacteria in a barley extract, and believed it helped her. ‘Thank you for introducing me to Symprove,’ she emailed after she finished the course.

Although live bacteria products have been used routinely in many other countries for decades at the least, their importance in balancing the gut bacteria (aka microbiome) has only been recognised in this country in the last few years. Leading gastroenterologist Professor Ingvar Bjarnason explained that ‘The human gut contains about 100 trillion bacteria – more than 100 times the number of stars in the Milky Way.’ He added that experts agree that a balanced gut bacteria is important for overall health.

Giving your gut a source of beneficial bacteria may help digestion, general health, brain, sleep pattern, energy and – particularly topical right now – your immune system, according to published research in peer-reviewed journals.

They know many other devotees of Symprove, including friends and family, and Lisa Snowdon has talked on TV about how much she rates it.

How to enter

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details. Good luck!