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Win A Bundle Of Sweet Books About Caring For The Planet And Each Other!

Book Trust
Listed on 28th September 2021
Closes in 2 days 18th October 2021

Win A Bundle Of Sweet Books About Caring For The Planet And Each Other!

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Maya, Izzy, Poppy and Emily are four friends who all agree to do more to help the environment – from working to clean up a polluted river so animals don’t get hurt, to realising the harm that fast fashion can cause and learning to shop more ethically.

Originally published as Maya’s Secret, Izzy’s River, Poppy’s Garden and Emily’s Dream, these re-titled stories with stunning new jacket designs by Owen Gildersleeve are perfect for readers aged 7+, with strong themes of friendship, kindness, and looking after the planet.

For the chance to win all four books in the series, including:

Researching her school project on Fairtrade has been a real eye-opener for Maya. She loves clothes and is appalled to find that her favourite sparkly T-shirts are made by poor children in other countries who lead very different lives from her own, privileged one.

She knows she must do something about it, but how can she make a difference without revealing her pop star secret to the world?

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is answer the question and enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!