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Win a Copy of The Churchill Complex By Ian Buruma!

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Listed on 9th September 2020
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Win a Copy of The Churchill Complex By Ian Buruma!

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The Churchill Complex by Ian Buruma

It is impossible to understand the last 75 years of British and American history without understanding the Anglo-American relationship, and specifically the bonds between presidents and prime ministers. FDR of course had Churchill; JFK famously had Macmillan, his consigliere during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Reagan found his ideological soul mate in Thatcher, and George W. Bush found his fellow believer, in religion and in war, in Tony Blair.

In a series of shrewd and absorbing character studies, Ian Buruma takes the reader on a journey through the special relationship via the fateful bonds between president and prime minister, and shows that it has never been a relationship of equals.

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