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Win A Lucia Cifarelli T-shirt & CD Bundle!

Music News
Listed on 25th July 2021
Closes in 0 days 23rd September 2021

Win A Lucia Cifarelli T-shirt & CD Bundle!

Details of this

Lucia Cifarelli has announced her highly anticipated album ‘I Am Eye’, the long overdue follow up to her 2004 release “From The Land Of Volcanoes”.

Since founding the band Drill, Lucia Cifarelli has proved herself a force to be reckoned with; her dynamic performance style coupled with an incendiary vocal range was unlike anything else in the late 90’s alternative scene, but it was with her addition to the lineup of Sascha Konietzkos MDFMK in 2000 that her star power began to truly assert itself.

She is now one of the primary creative forces behind The Ultra Heavy Beat, known for her vocals but also for her songwriting skills, moving effortlessly from sweetly sung melody to acerbic’ riot grrl’ fury to bold political outrage.

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