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Win A Piece Of Jewellery From Vashi, The Bespoke Fine Jewellers!

Listed on 24th December 2020
Closes in 24 days 10th February 2021

Win A Piece Of Jewellery From Vashi, The Bespoke Fine Jewellers!

Details of this

Win a piece from bespoke fine jewellery brand Vashi, up to £500 across their collections. Winners will be invited to select a piece of your choosing, from a selection of items of up to £500 in value, with the option of personalising with your initials, a special message or even a set of dates or coordinates that are meaningful to you (or someone else – if it’s a gift!).

Vashi is the world’s first modern jewellery brand, offering responsibly crafted fine jewellery at a fair price. By operating ethically and disrupting the traditional supply chain, Vashi brings jewellery manufacturing in-store and welcomes customers to the heart of the design and making process. The brand believes that something you made means more than something you bought.

Vashi’s mission is simple; better jewellery in a better way.

More than anything, Vashi offers a world-class product with an accessible and memorable experience, one that is as unique and meaningful as the love stories they represent.

The brand brings choice and customisation to a trusted brand environment, innovation to a staid and traditional supply chain, transparency to a hidden industry and fair pricing to a market crying out for disruption.

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!