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Win A Rubik’s Cage From John Adams!

Listed on 31st March 2021
Closes in 7 days 30th April 2021

Win A Rubik’s Cage From John Adams!

Details of this

Rubik’s Cage is a brain-bending, mind-twisting strategy game, where the aim is to get 3 cubies in a row to win! It may sound easy to get 3 in a row, but Rubik’s Cage is not as simple as it may seem. Take turns to place a Cubie into the Cage, or you can twist one of the Cage’s layers to re-shuffle the game.

You can also turn the game on its head by flipping the whole Cage over to scramble the Cubies and your opponent’s chances!

How to enter

To be in with a chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details. Good luck!