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Win A Velobici Winter Cycling Outfit, Worth More Than £600!

Square Mile
Listed on 13th December 2021
Closes in 13 days 31st January 2022

Win A Velobici Winter Cycling Outfit, Worth More Than £600!

Details of this

It doesn’t stop there. They’re in the process of relocating to a new factory, just up the road from our present location in Leicestershire, from where they manufacture all of their garments.

This new premises will be entirely powered by sustainable energy and could even allow them to pump any surplus energy they generate back into the grid.

Manufacturing their products in a single factory in England also helps them reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike some manufacturers, they don’t ship our garments to finishers on different continents, an incredibly polluting practice.

To ensure they’re being as responsible as possible with their garments, they’ve initiated an audit of their materials library using the industry-recognised Higgs Index to begin to gauge the sustainability of their fabrics.

Their ultimate aim is for every material they use to be Blue Sign and Oeko Tex certified and to work with factories that produce recycled and eco-friendly materials.

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is answer the question and enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!