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Win an Essential Oil-Based Stress Remedy Duo!

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Listed on 28th March 2024
Closes in 5 days 24th April 2024

Win an Essential Oil-Based Stress Remedy Duo!

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Life is pretty full-on and fast these days. Deal with this, that and the other. Dash, dash, dash. Then, OMG, something else comes up to nip at your heels. It might not be major stress events but daily life can be pretty tricky. That’s when we could all do with an instant soother and balancer. And hey, presto! We have the technology.

Stress Remedy is based on an all-natural blend of plant-based essential oils, delivered from a room spray – in the form of Calming Mist – and also a refillable Plug In Diffuser. The ‘remedy’ is based on a ‘super-blend’ of four absolute and essential plant oils, extracted from valerian, vetiver, basil and clary sage. (Which will be pretty familiar to all aromatherapy lovers.)

The effect of Stress Remedy relies on the power of our sense of smell, which is the one most closely related to our brains; in fact, olfactory neurons from our brains sit on the roof of our noses, catching ‘odorants’ and binding them to receptors.

According to this small, dedicated company, every sniff of Stress Remedy whizzes up a super highway to neurotransmitters – serotonin, dopamine and GABA – which influence our state of mind.

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!

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