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Win I Really Want to Shout!

Book Trust
Listed on 13th October 2020
Closes in 37 days 8th December 2020

Win I Really Want to Shout!

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Uh oh! A little girl is finding it tough not to get in a huff… after all, there is so much stuff that makes her want to yell.

Why is her dinner always ready just when she’s gone out to play? Why does she have to eat all the green stuff on her plate before she can have pudding? And why won’t her parents let her stay up late? Is it any wonder she just wants to SHOUT?

Book Trust are delighted that I Really Want the Cake and I Really Want to Win creators Simon Philip and Lucia Gaggiotti have teamed up again for I Really Want to Shout.

Book Trust follow our heroine as she struggles to control her anger, and comes up with coping strategies when she’s feeling particularly worked up.

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