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Win Milo Imagines The World!

Book Trust
Listed on 23rd February 2021
Closes in 37 days 7th April 2021

Win Milo Imagines The World!

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f you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming on a long journey, do not miss your chance to win Milo Imagines the World!

This beautiful book from Last Stop on Market Street creators Matt de la Peña and Christian Robinson introduces us to Milo, who embarks on a flight of fancy while on a long train journey with his sister.

Where are all the passengers going? Maybe that man doing a crossword puzzle lives in a flat full of pets, and perhaps that woman who is all dressed up is off to a wedding.

Milo also sees a boy with bright white trainers – surely he must live in a castle with a moat and a butler? But when they both get off at the same stop, Milo realises they have more in common than he thought…

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!