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Win Sally Clarkes New Book And A Paul Smith Tote Bag!

Little Bird
Listed on 5th September 2021
Closes in 9 days 30th September 2021

Win Sally Clarkes New Book And A Paul Smith Tote Bag!

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I will always remember being told rather sternly by Sally Clarke to ‘roll up the sleeves, don’t just pull them!’ Though it is a long time since my gap year job at Clarke’s, I still think of this when I have a messy job to do in the kitchen and of course, it makes perfect sense – without properly rolling them up your cuffs have soon slunk back down into the sink/flour/whatever it is.

Practical advice is clearly one of Sally Clarke’s strengths and this new book, First Put On Your Apron is full of it. Written as a sort of manual for her grown up son, Samuel, there’s tips on how to settle a chopping board and an extensive section on how to do the washing up – properly – starting with the glasses and ending with with the satisfaction of putting everything away.

In this context even kitchen chores seem appealing, but really it’s the recipes that make the book.


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