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Win some Pentel Goodies!

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Listed on 21st June 2024
Closes in 3 days 18th July 2024

Win some Pentel Goodies!

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The magic of these pens lies in their versatility. When used on white paper, they produce one stunning shade. Switch to dark paper, and the same pen reveals a completely different colour. This unique quality makes Hybrid DualMetallic pens perfect for a wide range of creative projects, from intricate drawings and personalised greeting cards to vibrant designs, seasonal decorations, journals, and adult colouring books.

Wedding season is here and to add a personal touch to place settings and bridal favours choose the ideal pen to make your guests’ names and messages sparkle. Hybrid DualMetallic produces different shades on dark or light-coloured paper and the iridescent effects are truly stunning. Few products have the ‘wow’ factor like Hybrid DualMetallic.

To help you prepare for special events or parties Pentel is giving away 10 sets of 8 sparkly Hybrid DualMetallic gel pens worth over £21.00 per set.

How to enter

For your chance of winning, all you need to do is enter your details and answer the question. Good luck!

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