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Win They Might Be Giants Album Book!

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Listed on 9th October 2021
Closes in 29 days 14th November 2021

Win They Might Be Giants Album Book!

Details of this

They Might Be Giants have always blazed an original path, kicking down the doors of alternative rock with songs like “Don’t Let’s Start” and “Ana Ng”, and their ambitious new project BOOK takes that impulse to another level. The music from BOOK teems with the same energy, melody, and inventive songcraft, but this latest effort goes even further, introducing an immersive and fascinating album experience that blends photography, design, text, and music. True to its title, BOOK isn’t just a collection of 15 new songs: it’s a 144-page art book, created in collaboration with Brooklyn street photographer Brian Karlsson and celebrated graphic designer Paul Sahre.

Like their Dial-A-Song service, breakthrough MTV videos, and vast catalogue of television work, BOOK was borne out of the duo’s relentless quest to take their music to new platforms and new places. “At this point, the album itself might seem like a quaint idea,” John Flansburgh explains. “Giving yourself real creative challenges keeps you moving forward.” John Linnell adds, “Nowadays albums are often just a collection of ones and zeroes. With BOOK we’re looking to make a more interesting object.”

Through Sahre, he connected with Karlsson. As Flansburgh tells it, “Working with a single photographer, and specifically finding Brian, was key.

How to enter

To enter simply name an artist from their new Artists Tickets Directory.

Just send your answer on an email with “THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS” in the subject line to Remember to include your NAME, EMAIL, ADDRESS & TWITTER HANDLE (if available). Good luck!